Chelsea Handler claps back at "violent messages" from critics of Whistler quarantine

Dec 22 2020, 4:49 pm

American talk show host and comedian Chelsea Handler is clapping back after she says she’s received “a lot of very violent messages” following news of her appearing to quarantine in Whistler, BC.

On Tuesday afternoon, the producer and activist took to Instagram to share some details for folks concerned about why she’s not at home in the US.

“Getting a lot of very violent messages and I’d like everyone to know that I am indeed quarantining for the full 14 days and happy to do it. So don’t think I’m bending rules I’m not,” said Handler, “I’m quarantining.”

“And I’m here for work on top of it. So, suck on that fuckers.”

Chelsea Handler


It’s not clear what project Handler in the country for, but if anything’s clear after these stories, it’s that she’s quarantining safely.