6 ways to dip into cheese fondue in Vancouver

Jan 4 2017, 9:06 pm

Do you fondue? Specifically, do you cheese fondue?

Picture a pot of melted and seasoned cheese, just waiting for you to dunk some bread into it and pull up a gooey good mouthful of deliciousness. Hello: It’s melted cheese. It’s like the perfect food.

Perfect for a date night or getting together with friends, and a fine friend of wine, cheese fondue is a great way to warm up in the winter months, just like they do in the Swiss Alps…or anytime of year in Mexico. Here are six places in Vancouver where you can get yourself into some serious cheese fondue. Just ‘due it!

1. The French Table

Say “oui” to a gooey three-cheese fondue any time of day at The French Table. With a minimum of two people required to get dipping, diners can order up a feast of fondue made with Emmenthal, Gruyere, and Appenzeler cheese with white wine, garlic & Kirsch, served with nugget potatoes and a green salad, and, of course, bread.

Address: 3916 Main Street, Vancouver

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2. Burgoo Bistro

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There are three ways to get your hot melty cheese dip on at Burgoo Bistro. Their Fonduemental is made with Gruyere, Emmenthal, white wine, and Kirsch, and is served with apple chunks, grapes, and bread. Or you can opt for a Brie Fondue, made with roast garlic, honey, and white wine, served with cut red apple, grapes, and bread. The last option is fun…dido. As in a queso fundido (Mexican-style melted cheese dip) called Nacho Pollo, made with pulled free run chicken, Poblano pepper, jalapeno, and melted cheeses, served over white corn tortillas with salsa verde and cilantro.

Address: Four locations in Metro Vancouver; check website for details
Instagram: @burgoobistro

3. Grouse Mountain

Okay, so this one is when you’re really being a go-getter and making a full-on excursion of exploring and eating along with at least five other people, but Grouse Mountain has a fun option called Snowshoe Fondue. The pre-booked  event for groups of six or more includes gear rental and a private one-hour snowshoeing tour, followed by an après snowshoeing fondue in Altitudes Bistro where you will enjoy a social dining experience with cheese, broth and chocolate fondue courses. PS if you’re planning a big banquet up at Grouse, they do fondue for that, too.

Address: 6400 Nancy Greene Way, North Vancouver

4. La Mezcaleria

Head to La Mezcaleria’s two locations and you’ll have your choice of a few kinds of queso fundido, their signature molten cheese dip presented in a stone bowl and served with savoury accompaniments, from chorizo to salsa verde. It’s not traditional cheese fondue, per se, but, hey–you’ve got yummy melted cheese dip, so what can you complain about?!

Address: 1622 Commercial Drive, Vancouver
Address: 68 East Cordova Street, Vancouver
Instagram: @lamezcaleriayvr

5. Cuchillo

One more for the queso column! Cuchillo has a White Bean queso on their menu, which is served with corn chips for scooping up the cheese.

Address: 261 Powell Street, Vancouver
Instagram: @cuchilloyvr

6. Les Amis du Fromage

Want to DIY your fondue? Head immediately to Les Amis du Fromage and get everything you need for an at-home fondue feast.

Address: 1752 West 2nd Avenue, Vancouver
Address: 843 East Hastings Street, Vancouver

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