Winner, winner chicken dinner: Cheapest poultry prices at the grocery store this week

Feb 9 2023, 10:02 pm

Looking to save on your next grocery bill? It pays to shop around. We scoured the flyers to look at the cost of chicken at different grocery stores in Vancouver.

There are a variety of reasons why chicken seems extra pricey lately. Loblaw, which owns Loblaws, No Frills, and Real Canadian Superstore, recently said that inflation, supply chain issues, and avian influenza are partly why costs have increased. In BC alone, more than 3,657,000 animals have been impacted by avian flu.

Still, when you’re trying to put dinner on the table, it means a lot to save even a bit. Prices will vary depending on local availability, but this hopefully gives you a taste of what the prices are like before you hit the grocery stores. Here are some of the recently published prices for chicken around Vancouver:

No Frills

Breast: $17.61/ 1kg, boneless skinless

Thighs: $16.51/kg, boneless skinless

Wings: $12.10/kg, split


A flyer deal on chicken from No Frills this week


Breast: $17.60/kg, boneless skinless, and a $13.29/kg flyer deal for a warehouse-pack

Thighs: $20.90, boneless

Wings: $16.50, spilt


Save-On-Foods flyer showing chicken on sale


Breasts: $13.21/kg, back attached

Wings: $15.41/kg, split


Deals on wings and breasts in the Safeway flyer this week

Real Canadian Superstore

Breast: $16.51/kg, boneless skinless

Thighs: $15/kg boneless skinless

Wings: $13.21/kg, split


Blue Menu chicken for sale at Superstore

Final thoughts:

It pays to check the flyer and use your calculator to determine the best price per unit. Buying in bulk, like “family,” “warehouse,” or “club size,” often saves you more.

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