"You should be ashamed": Loblaws gets roasted for chicken and turkey posts

Feb 6 2023, 10:29 pm

After being seen selling five pieces of chicken breasts for almost $40, it’s probably safe to say that Loblaws is currently the WestJet of the grocery industry.

Loblaws’ marketing team seems to have its hands full as nearly every recent social media post has drawn angry comments from pissed-off and fed-up consumers.

Apart from the overpriced chicken, it certainly didn’t do the company’s image any favours when it ended its three-month price freeze on January 31. Neither did the fact that the company reportedly made an excess of $1 million in profits per day in 2022.

This was the tweet that prompted the recent and renewed outrage:

To pacify consumers, on January 10, the company posted a video shot in one of its stores showing packs of more reasonably priced chicken breasts with prices ranging from $13 to $16.

“So many chickens and #NoFowlPlay,” reads the caption. “Between inflation, supply chain issues, and an avian influenza, there are many reasons the cost of chicken has risen. We have lots of poultry options at different prices, including PC® Free From and PC® Blue Menu, to help you find the best option for you and your family. 🛒”


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But a quick scroll through the comment section shows that attempts to placate consumers have fallen flat.

Someone even quoted a Taylor Swift song:

Then, probably wanting to steer clear of any chicken-related posts for now, on February 3, the company changed course. This time, it posted a recipe for a pot pie using Loblaws products. However, instead of the standard chicken, the person in the video used turkey as the main ingredient.


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But customers weren’t impressed.

However, not everyone was in the comments section to leave an angry comment. One user pointed out that they appear to have cooked the turkey twice.

How do you think Loblaws is handling customers’ reactions?

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