MLS player suspended from amateur league for punching and spitting on opponent

Sep 14 2023, 2:56 pm

CF Montreal midfielder Matko Miljevic is making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

The MLS pro, who signed with Montreal two years ago, has been sidelined for the better part of this season, only playing 124 minutes over eight matches with the club all year.

As a result, he apparently took it upon himself to get some playing time in an amateur league after a friend invited him, which is a violation of his pro contract.

In order to sidestep that, Miljevic thought it would be wise to play under a fake name. And so, he added an extra letter to his last name, becoming Matko Milojevic.

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According to a report from Dans les Coulisses, the Florida native played three matches under another name in the QCSL (Ligue Québécoise de Soccer Calcetto). Allowing himself to stand out, Miljevic scored six goals and eight points in the indoor soccer league in Laval.

When the QCSL found out that an active MLS player had joined the league, they asked that Miljevic use his real name going forward.

Miljevic decided to sit the remainder of the amateur’s games out as his adopted squad sunk to the bottom of the standings.

On Wednesday, journalist Maxim Truman reported that Miljevic was present at a QCSL playoff as a spectator. Despite not being on the pitch, with his team down 5-0, the 22-year-old apparently got involved in a heated exchange with an opposing player.

When he was sworn at in Spanish, the former Boca Juniors player allegedly spit in the amateur player’s direction.

Things escalated quickly from there, with Miljevic striking his opponent in the face, which forced officials to abandon the game.

Shortly after the incident, Miljevic was suspended indefinitely, ultimately receiving a lifetime ban from the league.

According to Dans les Coulisses, CF Montreal management, who have not commented on the incident, are currently investigating the matter.

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