Bald is beautiful: 10 celebrities that have rocked a buzzcut

Dec 30 2021, 4:24 pm

Will a shaved head be the biggest hair trend of 2022?

While some of us feel a strong attachment to our tresses, there are some who feel a strong attachment to a lack of it. While we’re not here to tell you it’s time to buzz off your locks, we are here to showcase some of our fave celebs, from actresses to rappers, with their buzzed-cut look.

Jada Pinkett Smith

A self-proclaimed open book, Jada Pinket Smith has always been open with her struggles with alopecia, an autoimmune disorder that causes hair loss. She recently opted to shave her hair to make the effects less noticeable and even joked about putting rhinestones on her head to fashion herself a crown.



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“Best Friend” rapper extraordinaire, Saweetie, is getting ready to ring in the new year with a freshly buzzed blonde hair-do. She recently spent her holidays lounging on the beach and poolside, both worry-free and hair-free.

Selma Blair

While a bald head might not be the first choice for many, for Selma Blair it originally was a side effect to her MS treatment. She has since embraced her lack of hair as a reminder of her strength. When speaking about the scab on her head she said, “It stands out to me as much as my newly bald head. I don’t mind it. I don’t mind the hair loss either,” continuing to inspire her fans.

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman famously had her head shaved in V for Vendetta and continued to rock a buzz long after the movie wrapped in 2005. She continues to make appearances on beauty articles to this day advocating for more women to embrace the buzz.

Mei Peng


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Our fave Instagram influencer has been rocking a shaved head for as long as we can remember. Mei Peng’s lack of hair makes for the perfect canvas for her symmetrical tattoos and bold makeup looks.



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Recording artist Halsey has rocked every colour of the rainbow as a hairdo, but did you know that they’ve also rocked a hot pink buzz cut? They unveiled the new look on TikTok to the popular trend featuring a voice-over that says “I’m not going to do it, I’m just thinking about it.”

Michaela Coel 

Inspired by Black Panther’s Danai Gurira, Michaela Coel shaved her hair off in 2018 and shared images with her followers with the cheeky caption “Gurira’d my hair.” A shaved do was also part of her vision of playing Simone in the musical, Been So Long, because there were so few films depicting a darker-skinned woman with short hair as a love interest.

Danai Gurira


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Speaking of Danai Gurira, did you know that prior to filming Black Panther the actress had never completely shaved off her hair before? Prior to joining the Marvel universe, Gurira rocked a variety of short hairstyles but never completely shaved off. It was important to her and the cast of Black Panther to feature Black people with natural and protective hairstyles.

Demi Moore

No shaved head celeb list would be complete without Demi Moore. The actress famously took clippers to her long hair for the 1997 film, G.I. Jane. While the film was considered a bit of a flop, Demi’s new look was considered a hit on the red carpet.

Natalie Dormer

Not sure if a fully shaved head is for you? Fret not, you can change up your look by incorporating shaved portions like actress Natalie Dormer. The new do was required for her role in The Hunger Games but she was seen styling a slightly buzzed head with her long tresses on red carpets after filming had wrapped. The best part of a slightly off-centred buzz is that it can be hidden or transformed by parting your remaining hair over it.

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