Celebration Gong Wrong: Car buyer kicks a gong onto a SUV (VIDEO)

Jul 22 2022, 4:00 pm

Buying your first car is a momentous occasion and can be very exhilarating. But one person’s celebration of this moment went wrong in a hilarious way.

Summar Marie was making her first car purchase at a Calgary Nissan dealership. To honour the landmark occasion the salesperson brought out the gong, which is a regular occurrence.

What happened next… not so regular.

@summar.marie Buying my first car wentā€¦ embarrassing, to say the least šŸ˜‚ watch until the end! #bigkick #belairdirectdrivechallenge #trending #fyp #nissan #embarrassing #foryou #canada #firstcar ā™¬ original sound – Summar Marie

The 23-year-old Chuck Norris’d the gong onto the hood of one of the showroom vehicles.

You can’t really blame her for being a little amped up after an intro like that can you???

In the comments our enthusiastic hype man/salesperson says the damage was merely a flesh wound.

@Summar.Marie/Tik Tok

So the dealership doesn’t have to spend any extra money because of this. Except for maybe investing in a tape measure to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

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