Cartems Donuterie's donut salad will blow your mind

Sep 22 2016, 3:59 pm

Donut salad – yeah, you read that right.

Cartems Donuterie officially took our favourite round pastry to the next level with an epic four-course donut tasting. Forget the Homer Simpson pink icing donut of the past, and check out the carefully conceptualized, thoughtfully plated donuts of the future – the ones that can be classified as full meals.

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For the Vancouver-based donut shop’s monthly tasting, Chef Rags, Cartems’ owner and Executive Chef, creatively integrated donuts into dishes in ways we didn’t even think was possible.

Hanna McLean/Daily Hive

Savoury donut on spicy cheese sauce with prosciutto and pear. (Hanna McLean/Daily Hive)

Each course that was served at the shop’s downtown West Pender location was a twist on popular foods we know and love. The tasting started off with an innovative hors d’oeuvre worthy of royalty: a savoury donut pastry layered with prosciutto and pear on a layer of spicy cheese sauce. These tiny bites blew Timbits out of the water.

The donut salad frisée was next with greens topped with corn fritter donuts glazed in a honey balsamic dressing and sprinkled with parmesan cheese. This starter was a complete showstopper as it surprised and delighted everyone who thought they’d feel guilty after eating only donuts for the night. But with organic, locally picked, and ethically sourced ingredients in all of their donuts, it’s rare to have any regrets when it comes to eating treats from Cartems.

Hanna McLean/Daily Hive

Donut burger with savoury BBQ sauce, mulberry molasses, heirloom tomatoes, and pickled beets. (Hanna McLean/Daily Hive)

When it came to the donut burger, Cartems offered a vegetarian option as well, because, well, vegetarians love donuts too. The shop offers vegetarian donuts on its regular menu along with vegan and gluton free alternatives. Vegetarian or not – this item packed the punch of a full-on regular burger. Combined with a large pint of beer, this dish made for a stellar main course.

Hanna McLean/Daily Hive

Donut pizza made with green and red grapes, ricotta cheese, and blood orange crema. (Hanna McLean/Daily Hive)

Serving a Cartems classic donut for dessert would be too predictable for Chef Rags. The pastry chef made a menu choice that was way out of left field: deep fried tarragon and rosemary donut pizza topped with grapes, ricotta cheese, and a dollop of blood orange crema. This was an innovative twist on an Italian favourite. Despite the triangular shape, it still tasted like a donut, and we’d still buy them by the dozen.

To get tickets to attend the next Cartems tasting (which is set to be vegan-themed) check out their event listings online and stay up to date with their Instagram for event announcements closer to the date.

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