Carl’s Jr. is serving up a Black Friday deal with a twist

Nov 29 2019, 7:24 am

Let’s just get it out there — Black Friday shopping is hungry work. Spending a few hours at the mall looking for the best deals available, and standing in lineups with all of the layers you’re too warm to wear in your arms; it’s no joke. 

So you’ve got to take a break from deal-hunting over the Black Friday weekend and treat yourself to something absolutely delicious. If you need an incentive to do so, California-born chain Carl’s Jr. has you covered.

From Friday, November 29 right through the first week in December, you can visit your nearest Carl’s Jr. restaurant and order up a Bacon Swiss Crispy Chicken Fillet Sandwich with a twist — you’ll only pay what you think it’s worth.

We’re not kidding. The burger chain is so proud of their new buttermilk-dipped and hand-breaded chicken sandwich that they’re asking anyone living in BC, Alberta, or Saskatchewan whether they want to pay $3, $5, $7, or $9 for their order.

Picture sinking your teeth into a hand-crafted sandwich with a tender, juicy, Canadian-farmed, premium chicken fillet inside. (We’re hungry even thinking about it).

The new menu option is inspired by the classic BLT, which is why it’s served up on a soft brioche bun, topped with everything a burger-lover could want: fresh tomato, crisp lettuce, mayo, bacon, and Swiss cheese.

Feeling carb-conscious this holiday season? No problem — you can opt to have your sandwich wrapped in a fresh lettuce leaf instead.

Bacon Swiss Crispy Chicken Fillet Sandwich/Carl’s Jr. Canada

“We believe that our quality and taste are unmatched and we’re excited to see what customers will pay for a better quality fast-food chicken sandwich by naming their price,” says Adrianne Largo, senior country director for Carl’s Jr. Canada.

According to Largo, company and trend data shows that Canada’s premium chicken sandwich market continues to grow as Canadians avoid “hockey-puck-like freezer-to-fryer chicken patties in favour of quality chicken fillets that are hand-breaded in-house.”

Anyone ordering off the menu at Carl’s Jr. restaurants can rest assured that there are no fillers, minced, or pre-formed freezer-to-fryer patties served up — only sandwiches that are free of hormones and artificial colours.

Bacon Swiss Crispy Chicken Fillet Sandwich/Carl’s Jr. Canada

The restaurant chain is also launching a Black Friday pop-up shop on the most popular site for handmade goods, Etsy! Be sure to check out the online pop-up and visit a Carl’s Jr. restaurant in your area to “pay what you think it’s worth” for a Bacon Swiss Crispy Chicken Fillet Sandwich.

FYI, the sandwich will cost an average of $7.49 after the promotion, so make sure to try it before the in-house price is set! For more information and to find a Carl’s Jr. restaurant near you, click here.

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