Hockey fan gives back entire 50/50 winnings to mass shooting victims

Nov 9 2018, 6:38 am

The kindest person in America is a Capitals fan.

In light of the tragic mass shooting that killed 11 people at a Pittsburgh synagogue last month, with the Penguins in town, the Washington Capitals made some alterations to Wednesday’s 50/50 draw.

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On this night, 50% of the money raised would go to the winning ticket holder, while the other half would be donated to the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh, benefitting the victims and families of the Tree of Life Synagogue.

The total jackpot was $38,570, meaning the winner could walk home with $19,285.

The winning ticket holder chose good karma instead.

Remarkably, the person who won the 50/50 chose to donate it to the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh, meaning all $38,570 raised would go to a noble cause.

The generous fan, who was not named by the Capitals, is apparently a season ticket holder.

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