Canucks fans sound off after disrespectful Pacific Division odds

Jul 9 2024, 10:01 pm

Vancouver Canucks fans are not happy with the early respect their team has been getting from oddsmakers for next season.

The NHL posted a few graphics showing early betting lines from FanDuel for next year to social media and they have caused an uproar.

To start, the Canucks are listed as the fourth-most likely team to win the Pacific Division next year. The Edmonton Oilers, Vegas Golden Knights, and Los Angeles Kings are all given shorter odds by FanDuel to win the divisional crown next season.

The Canucks finished 10 points ahead of the Kings and 11 points ahead of the Golden Knights last season to win the Pacific Division. Both the Kings and Golden Knights lost in the first round of the playoffs, while the Canucks were one goal away from making the conference finals.


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The comments on the post are filled with Canucks fans in disbelief that their team could be ranked fourth on this list.

“Canucks disrespect is outrageous again,” reads one Instagram comment with more than 2,000 likes.

“To put the Kings above the Canucks is illegal,” says another.

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It wasn’t only fans of the defending division champions voicing their thoughts in the comments. Plenty of fans added context that they cheer for other teams but are still in disbelief at FanDuel’s evaluation.

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The social media outrage continued when the NHL shared FanDuel’s odds for next year’s Stanley Cup winner. The graphic posted to social media showed the top-10 teams and the Canucks are nowhere to be found.

The west coast club was one of the NHL’s best teams last season, just missing out on winning the Presidents’ Trophy and pushing the Edmonton Oilers, considered to be next year’s Stanley Cup favourites, to seven games in the second round.

Fans made sure to point out the Canucks’ puzzling absence on this graphic as well.

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