Canucks Diwali jerseys drawing rave reviews from fans

Nov 6 2021, 12:11 am

The Vancouver Canucks have had special warmup jerseys before. They’ve worn red jerseys for Lunar New Year on multiple occasions, and they’ll have a lavender look on Sunday for Hockey Fights Cancer.

In the past, the Canucks have worn camouflage to honour Canada’s armed forces, and green for St. Patrick’s Day.

But never before has one of these special warmup jerseys earned praise like this.

Canucks fans can’t agree on anything, but they do on this. The yellow jerseys with South Asian artwork the Canucks are wearing to celebrate Diwali are a great look.


Seth Rogen took notice of the jersey, and now the Canucks are in touch, trying to get him one.

Featuring the work of local South Asian artist Jag Nagra, the Diwali jersey is even getting some attention on a national scale, with Sportsnet discussing the look this afternoon.

Surely the Canucks weren’t expecting this kind of reaction. Other than the player-signed jerseys available for auction (the bidding is over $1,000 for many of them already), the Diwali jerseys aren’t available for sale online. Only a limited number of jerseys are available for sale at tonight’s game at Rogers Arena.

Diwali T-shirts and hoodies were available for purchase on, though they now appear to be sold out. You can still buy pins, lanyards, keychains, and mugs though.

Here’s a sample of the reaction from fans and media.

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