Canucks deliver on Horvat's promise to replace kid's lost hockey stick

Jan 12 2023, 12:35 am

The Vancouver Canucks made good on a promise made by their captain on Tuesday.

Bo Horvat promised a pair of young Canucks fans that he would replace their hockey stick after Flair Airlines lost it somewhere between Edmonton and Abbotsford.

Horvat had gifted the stick to Marshall and Linden after seeing their sign in the front row prior to a Canucks road game at Rogers Place in Edmonton on December 23.

When the Nanaimo family got their bags in Abbotsford, the stick was missing.

“When I was at the airport, I did not want to let go of that stick,” Linden said in the video released by the Canucks today.

The boys’ mother, Janelle Staite, took to Twitter for help, asking the Canucks for a “Christmas miracle.” Three days later, Horvat delivered a video message to the young fans.

“Hey, Marshall, hey, Linden. I heard you guys lost your stick flying the other day. I’m gonna make sure you guys got another one on the way,” said Horvat. “As long as you keep cheering for the Canucks. We’ll see you guys soon.”

Needless to say, Marshall and Linden were pretty excited to hear from their hockey hero.

“My boys were literally screaming when they saw that tweet from Bo Horvat — what an amazing leader to take the time to make that post and what an amazing organization to reach out to us so quickly,” the boys’ mother said in an email to Daily Hive last month. “We are so appreciative of the response from the Canucks to help with a Christmas miracle to reunite them with Bo’s stick!”

But the Canucks didn’t just deliver a replacement stick. Instead, they dropped off two sticks — both signed by Horvat — and an autographed Horvat jersey too. Team mascot Fin, along with Canucks legend Kirk McLean, were among the group that did the drop-off.

“It’s a great feeling. [He had] a big smile on his face when we rolled up,” said McLean, the former goaltender who is now a Canucks ambassador. “I mean that’s what we do. That’s what we’re here for. The community is huge for the Vancouver Canucks. And whatever we can do to make people happy and to fix things once in a while, I think it’s super important and we love doing it.”


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