Horvat grants "Christmas miracle" for young Canucks fans after Flair Airlines lost their stick

Dec 30 2022, 12:18 am

A “Christmas miracle” has been granted to a BC family, thanks to Bo Horvat and the Vancouver Canucks.

Marshall and Linden were excited to get Horvat’s stick after the Canucks captain gifted it to the young fans after the pre-game warmup in Edmonton on December 23.

But somewhere between Edmonton and Abbotsford, Flair Airlines lost it, according to the boys’ mother, Janelle Staite.

Staite reached out to the Canucks on Twitter, asking for help.

“My sons were given Bo’s stick on December 23 but [Flair Airlines] lost it on our flight home to Abbotsford on December 24 and won’t get back to us,” Staite said. “Can you help us out please with a Christmas miracle?”

You can see how excited the young Canucks fans were to receive the stick in the second half of this video.

A member of the Canucks’ social media team reached out to Staite, saying they’d be happy to replace the stick and would get it autographed by Horvat.

Horvat made it official today, as the Canucks released a video of their captain promising to replace the lost stick.

“Hey, Marshall, hey, Linden. I heard you guys lost your stick flying the other day. I’m gonna make sure you guys got another one on the way,” said Horvat. “As long as you keep cheering for the Canucks. We’ll see you guys soon.”


“My boys were literally screaming when they saw that tweet from Bo Horvat — what an amazing leader to take the time to make that post and what an amazing organization to reach out to us so quickly,” Staite said in an email to Daily Hive. “We are so appreciative of the response from the Canucks to help with a Christmas miracle to reunite them with Boā€™s stick!

“We havenā€™t heard anything else from Flair Airlines beyond an auto-generated email response so we arenā€™t feeling any optimism there but again are so thankful that the Canucks are helping the boys out so generously!”

canucks fans

Two young Canucks fans waiting by the glass in Edmonton (Janelle Staite)

canucks fan

A happy Canucks fan with Bo Horvat’s stick in Edmonton (Janelle Staite)

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