East Vancouver Canada Post carriers bested by Canuck the crow

Jun 27 2017, 4:59 pm

Remember Canuck the crow? Of course you do.

And if – like so many others – you’ve been itching for an update on the escapades of Vancouver’s favourite crow and media darling, Canuck is making headlines again.

The reason? It seems that this crafty crow has found a new target in the form of Canada Post mail carriers in East Vancouver.

In fact, his attacks have become so unruly that Canada Post has temporarily suspended mail delivery to three different addresses, due to safety concerns.

“The safety of the mail and our employees is of most importance,” said Phil Legault, a spokesperson for Canada Post. “We have had incidents in this neighbourhood when our letter carriers were attacked by a crow.”

For now, Canada Post has sent a letter to those living at the affected residences “indicating where they can pick up their mail,” said Legault. (Although there was no word whether these letters were hand-delivered or not.)

“Like any employer, it is our responsibility to respond when an employee brings an issue like this to our attention,” he added. “We are monitoring regularly and will resume mail delivery as soon as possible when it’s safe.”

Your move, Canuck.

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