Canned Mac and Cheese is a thing that's available on the Internet

Jul 9 2019, 1:23 am

As a society, we collectively accept canned lentils, broths, soups, and even pork, when it’s paired with beans.

But will we collectively accept canned Mac and Cheese?

Take a browse through Amazon, and make your own call.

With one search for the term “Macaroni and Cheese,” the bright yellow can is unmissable. Boasting a Heinz label, the image shows the elbow noodles you know and love coated in – what looks to be – a white cheddar sauce.

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If you click the product link and scroll down, you’ll find four reviews, which are… polarizing.

While half the crowd has offered the dish five stars:

Amazon Canada

The other half is less forgiving.

Amazon Canada

And honestly, we don’t quite know what to believe.

While the idea of the classic childhood lunch served in a can might make you squirm, the idea of hot dogs and jalapeno ketchup elevating the dish might just save it.


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