Not all Canadians trust government COVID-19 information: survey

May 26 2020, 8:20 pm

A new survey has found that 50% of Canadians do not trust the Canadian government’s information about COVID-19.

According to recently published information from The Association for Canadian Studies, 50% of Canadians surveyed believe the government is deliberately withholding information about coronavirus, while 50% believe they are telling the whole truth.

Out of the provinces, mistrust is highest in Quebec, with 60% of residents believing the government is withholding information.

In addition, of the respondents surveyed, mistrust was highest among people aged 35-54, with 57% believing the government is withholding information.

A total of 1,510 Canadian respondents were surveyed online from May 22 to May 25, along with 1,005 American respondents.

The level of mistrust is higher among Americans, with 65% believing the government is deliberately withholding information about coronavirus.

In Canada, 19% of those surveyed believe that the number of deaths from COVID-19 is exaggerated, and 16% agree that it is “like the normal flu.”

However, when it comes to lifting protective measures, 86% admit to being concerned about the possibility of a second wave in the fall.

In addition, 53% of respondents to the survey believe in alternative conspiracy theories about the origins of the virus and how it impacts people, with 37% believing coronavirus was created in a laboratory.

Prime Minister Trudeau and Canada’s top health officials have been providing regular updates on the coronavirus pandemic in Canada, along with detailed epidemiological information available and updated daily on the government of Canada’s website.

Some have still been reluctant to follow guidelines from Canada’s top doctors and scientists, with protests being held against restrictions in Vancouver and Toronto, among other places.

Multiple protests have been staged in Vancouver, including outside of a hospital’s emergency entrance, with many protesters asking for “freedom,” despite the fact that BC was never under a full-fledged lockdown to begin with.

As of May 25, the World Health Organization reports that 5,304,772 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed globally, along with 342,029 deaths.

In Canada, as of May 26 at 12pm PST, there are 85,998 known cases of coronavirus, and there have been 6,566 deaths.

Still, it appears not all Canadians are convinced.

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