Canadian reporter says FHRITP harassment "needs to stop" (VIDEO)

Jan 19 2021, 3:47 am

A Canadian journalist shared a video on Monday of a moment female reporters are all too familiar with: getting told “fuck her right in the pussy” while trying to film a news hit.

Krista Sharpe was on assignment for CTV News in Kitchener, Ontario, when a driver yelled the sexist phrase as he passed her on the street.

Sharpe took a moment to compose herself before trying her hit again.

“As much as I’d love to say it doesn’t bother me, it does. It makes me feel like sh*t. Especially as VJ who is always alone,” she tweeted.

Video journalists are a staple of modern TV newsrooms. They film and edit their own stories, and shoot their on-camera pieces selfie-style, without the aid of a camera operator.

“This still happens to female reporters everywhere and it needs to stop,” Sharpe said of the harassment.

The FHRITP trend started when comedian John Cain filmed a fictional video styled as a news hit where he used the phrase to describe what he’d do if he found the missing woman he was reporting on. The internet ran with it, and soon men all over the world were accosting female reporters to shout the vulgar phrase in the middle of their news reports.

The women who are subject to it often say it makes them feel unsafe on top of ruining whatever they’re trying to shoot.

“This is not funny and it’s not cool,” Sharpe said.

Waterloo Regional Police are investigating the incident, the force said in its own tweet.



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