Twitter roasts The Bachelor's horrible representation of Canadian food

Feb 23 2021, 10:31 pm

Canadians can handle a lot of hardships, hockey losses, and pandemics — just don’t make fun of our food.

During Monday’s episode of The Bachelor, Serena Pitt (who lives in Toronto) — vying for the bachelor, Matt James — introduced him to various Canadian dishes as part of the show’s “hometown week.”

Bachelor Party, a podcast that breaks down weekly episodes of The Bachelor, reposted an image of last night’s Canadian dishes on Twitter, and reactions have not been very positive.

“Choose ONE Canadian delicacy,” reads the post, before sharing images of Nanaimo bars, Beaver Tails, peameal bacon (of course, the Canadian staple) and a poutine.

Come on, this is national television and you’re not doing our favourite dishes justice.

The Twitterverse reacted completely justifiably, as it’s been known to do, calling out the podcast and the show for a horrid representation of Canadian dishes.

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