Canadian apparel company raising awareness about reporting child abuse

Sep 13 2021, 7:26 pm

To raise awareness around the importance of reporting child abuse when you see it and funds for organizations helping victims, a Toronto-based woman launched a clothing brand called Kindness Only.

Nichola Petts told Daily Hive those who wear Kindness Only apparel send a message they are committed to living and leading with kindness.

Petts got the idea to launch the company after she said she had a life-changing experience when she witnessed a young boy being abused by his caregiver in a local neighbourhood.

“I had a visceral reaction to what I saw, yet I noticed that no one on the street came out to see what the noise was, or see if they could help,” Petts said.

After a few sleepless nights, Petts said she did some research and found that there’s a legal duty for someone to report child abuse — so she did — and got to work on the brand to raise awareness about the issue.


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“I wanted to help but I also wanted to create an army of helpers, something beyond just me,” Petts said, and thought apparel was a good way to make a statement and raise funds.

The mom of two added, “I’ve got a real need to do something to protect those who can’t protect themselves.”

While making a donation to a non-profit is wonderful, Petts wanted to create a “ripple effect” by sharing the message with others, encouraging them to look out for the safety of children and educating the community about the importance of reporting child abuse.

“I think there are a lot of kids out there, especially throughout this pandemic, who are living their worst nightmares, being stuck in close quarters with people who harm them,” Petts said. “As a community, city, country, and world at large, we need to do better to help those who can’t protect themselves. And we can.”


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Petts launched the brand a couple of months ago, and said a portion of the proceeds from Kindness Only will go to BOOST, an organization that helps kids directly affected by violence.

“It’s important to me that funds are directed towards organizations that are on the ground, helping kids in a meaningful way,” she said, and she’d like to find more organizations to help through Kindness Only.

“I can’t wait to see what kind of positive impact Kindness Only can make on kids’ lives, both locally and, eventually, around the world,” Petts said.

You can find Kindness Only products on its website, and follow on Instagram and Facebook.

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