Canada's public emergency alert system tests failed on west coast

May 9 2018, 9:08 pm

The new National Public Alerting System, publicly branded as Alert Ready, was set to perform a test emergency alert to mobile devices across Canada but it seems like many missed the alert.

The Alert Ready system was developed in partnership with federal, provincial, and territorial emergency management officials, Environment and Climate Change Canada, The Weather Network, the broadcasting industry, and wireless service providers, to rapidly warn the public of imminent or unfolding hazards to life.

Examples of the types of alerts that are issued through the Alert Ready system include natural disasters like tornados and earthquakes or a civil emergency like Amber Alerts.

According to Alert Ready, wireless providers were going to send a test alert to every mobile device connected to an LTE network, as well as TV and radio stations. The alert would have sounded similar to a siren and was meant for nine provinces and one territory.

While the alert did send to a few, there are many who didn’t receive any notification.

For those who did receive the alert in Vancouver, it looked similar to this.

emergency alert

Emergency Alert/Daily Hive

At this current time, there have been no notifications from the CRTC or any major mobile companies regarding the missed alerts.

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