These were Canada's top GoFundMe fundraisers of 2018

Dec 8 2018, 12:00 am

2018 may have seen its fair share of tragedies, but the overwhelming responses that came as a result cannot — and should not — be understated.

To wrap up the year, GoFundMe has released a list of their top-raising fundraisers for each of their participating countries — including the true north strong and free.

According to the release, Canada’s top five most generous cities were:

  1. Toronto
  2. Vancouver
  3. Calgary
  4. Montréal
  5. Edmonton

“Over the years, GoFundMe has become synonymous with helping others, and we saw this evolve to a new level in 2018, where GoFundMe became the ‘take action’ button for many,” said GoFundMe CEO Rob Solomon in a letter to the GoFundMe community.

“Rather than being overwhelmed by the news, people instead started taking action with every event by sharing, donating, or even starting a GoFundMe to make an immediate impact.”

The release included the top three GoFundMe campaigns from Canada, which were unsurprisingly headed by the fundraiser for the Humboldt Broncos.

Following the tragic bus accident that saw the death of 16 people, the world came together to raise funds for the families of the deceased and the 13 players, coaches, and support staff that were injured in the crash.

The fundraiser made GoFundMe history by becoming the single largest fundraiser at $15.2 million from nearly 142,000 donors across 80 countries, according to the release.

The second largest Canadian fundraiser of 2018 was Help Diyon Have a Bright Future, which saw nearly $360,000 raised after 7-year-old Diyon lost his mother in the Toronto van attack that killed 10 and injured 15.

Diyon had been left without a caregiver after the death of his mother, but thanks to the fundraiser will be able to continue his life and education in Canada.

The Help Save Sara fundraiser saw nearly a quarter million dollars raised in an effort to provide 35-year-old Sara with life-saving surgery that was only available in the United States.

Over 2,000 people contributed and raised more than $238,000.

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