Canada is getting its own version of RuPaul’s Drag Race

Jul 3 2019, 4:52 am

Canada: Start your engines. Rupaul’s Drag Race is making its northern debut — with a uniquely Canuck version. 

Since airing in 2009, Drag Race has been becoming more and more popular, and after 11 regular seasons, as well as four All Star seasons, the popular American show is finally coming to Canada. Drag Race has featured contestants from all over the world, but previously in order to compete, you had to have an US citizenship. 

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The first-ever Canadian contestant, Brooke Lynn Hytes, came in second on the most recent season.

RuPaul's Drag Race Montreal

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9/ Facebook

Now, we’ll get to see even more Canadians compete for the crown since Drag Race Canada has been picked up by Crave and OUTtv.

“I am proud to announce that the Drag Race family is expanding as Crave is about to begin production on DRAG RACE CANADA. The panel and judges will be from the Great White North, representing Canada’s very best. This new franchise has my whole-hearted blessing. Good luck…and don’t puck it up!” Rupual said in a statement about the upcoming series.

Casting begins this summer, but there is no release date yet. We have also yet to receive details on who the host and judges of the show will be. As far as the cast, right now, all we can do is speculate. 

Luckily, Canada has no shortage of amazing drag performers. Here are some of the queens we would love to see on the show:

Tyomi Banks, Toronto

Photo by Carrera Y Carrera.

Tynomi was featured in Canada’s a Drag, and according to those who have seen her shows, she is one of the most captivating performers, and has become a staple in the Toronto drag scene.

Elle Noir, Halifax

Photo by StationDRG.

Elle, who was formally in the Navy, used to take drag costumes with her while on Navy Tours. She was also featured on Canada’s a Drag, and has a very inspiring story that would be sure to captivate audiences tuning into Drag Race.

Scarlett Bobo, Toronto

Photo by Quinton Cruickshanks.

Scarlett is a fire swallower, aerial skills performer, and self proclaimed “circus freak.”

Rose Butch, Vancouver

Photo by The Drag Series.

Rose describes themselves as a drag “thing,” expressing both femininity and masculinity through the art of drag. They won Mr/Ms Cobalt in 2015, and are an inspiring member of Vancouver’s drag community.

Rita Baga, Montreal

Photo by Aleera Verushka.

Rita has been described as Montreal’s “top drag queen”, she is the programming director of Montreal Pride, and is known for her Adele impression.

Alma Bitches, Vancouver

Photo from CBC Art Series Canada’s a Drag.

Alma was also featured in Canada’s a Drag, and is Vancouver’s 48th Emprex. We think Drag Race needs a bearded queen, and it needs to be Alma!

Ivy League, Edmonton


Runner up in Alberta’s Next Drag Superstar, and winner of Mz. Gay Edmonton as well as Miss Evolution, Ivy would be another great addition to the show.

Courtney Conquer and/or Ja’mie Queen West, Toronto

Photo by Larry Brownstein.

The members of Drag Coven have made quite the names for themselves in the drag community, especially among Drag Race  alumni. It’s about time we get a bio queen on the show!

Canadians will be excitedly awaiting more information about this upcoming show. It is the second Drag Race spin-off, Drag Race Thailand being the first, and with rumours of a Drag Race UK, RuPaul and his empire will soon be all over the globe.

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