Canada Post delivered over 2 million parcels on last day of November

Dec 3 2020, 6:00 pm

With December officially underway, Canada Post is reminding Canadians to shop and ship packages and parcels as early as possible.

The message comes after nearly 3 million parcels were delivered over the last few days of November, including approximately 800,000 during the past weekend and close to 2.1 million on Monday, November 30.

The postal service adds that seasonal demand increased weeks ago, with more people shopping online than ever.

While Canada Post says that processing and delivery are expected to continue “at a high pace throughout December,” there’s also the possibility for their capacity to be overwhelmed if a surge were to happen before Christmas.

“There is a chance that it could overwhelm capacity and could potentially cause delays,” Hayley Magermans, Canada Post Spokesperson, explains. “We want to avoid that at all cost. That’s why we’re really encouraging Canadians to start their shopping early.”

Canada Post has also updated its holiday deadlines for guaranteed delivery, with dates spanning from early to mid-December based on how far the package is going and whether the shipper pays for regular, express, or priority shipping.

Shipping earlier will not only ensure that packages arrive at their destination on time, but it’s also one of the easiest ways to save money on shipping.

“It only gets more expensive, and it only gets more stressful for the person shipping the items as well,” adds Magerman. “Which is something you really can’t put a price tag on.”

Approximately 4,000 seasonal workers have also been hired for the holiday season, although the company stresses that safety remains a top priority. Those receiving mail are also asked to “give employees space while delivering,” which includes maintaining proper physical distancing and keeping pets secure.

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