Take a tour inside Canada Olympic House in Rio (VIDEO)

Aug 5 2016, 5:13 pm

When you’re expecting 20,000 guests, your house better be lit.

Luckily, when you’re Canadian, you have a lot of cool to rely on. Just look inside the Canada Olympic House in Rio if you don’t believe us.

In a Facebook Live video posted earlier today, we were taken inside the special place that friends and family of Canadian Olympians can visit while they’re down in Rio cheering them on.

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Inside the ‘House’ you’ll obviously find a Team Canada store, where people can pick up more red-and-white garb than a Valentine’s Day giveaway. Oh, and we have a mascot too…? It’s a moose, obviously. Its name is Komak.

In case you thought it might somehow be possible to have a Canada Olympic House in Rio without every room, hall, and staircase being sponsored, you’re a bigger amateur than most of these athletes.

Anyway, there’s a cafe, a lot of wood, some paddles, a ‘celebration lounge’ (we hope gets used), a terrace with Muskoka chairs, and beer. What else do you need?

Have a look inside and let us know what you think.

Though we have to say, it looks way better at night…

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