Canada's first official napping studio just opened

Oct 31 2019, 7:53 am

You can now enjoy a mid-day siesta at Canada’s first official nap studio.

Located in Toronto, Nap It Up features 13 individual, rentable beds, which cost $10 for 25 minutes, $20 for 55 minutes, or $30 for an hour and a half.

Sleep-deprived visitors of the 1,500-sq-ft studio will have the opportunity to catch up on some Zs on a comfy bed that’s separated by blackout curtains to ensure privacy.

And don’t worry, the bedsheets and cover sheets are changed after each guest’s nap.

To enhance the napping experience, the studio has warm blankets, anti-snoring strips and vents for snorers, eye masks, and differed size beds available, which can all be purchased additionally.

An essential oil diffuser and white noise machine are also on-site, creating the ultimate napping environment.

To ensure peace and quiet for all, guests are asked to put their phone on silent for the duration of their visit.

Image courtesy of Nap It Up

Guests also have access to a small safe where they can store their belongings. There’s also a “premium option,” which starts at $15 for 25 minutes, and will get you a larger bed, in booth coat hook, an eye mask, in booth mirror, and refreshing mints and water.

Image courtesy of Nap It Up

For women who feel unsure about napping around other people, the website says the business is run by a woman, who makes sure that other women feel safe and comfortable in the studio.

And, if requested, women can also get a bed in a slightly more private section in the studio.

Image courtesy of Nap It Up

So, if you ever find yourself in the Toronto-area in need of a quick power nap, make sure to head to Nap It Up for all your snoozing needs.

Nap It Up

Address: Yonge and Eglinton Centre, 2300 Yonge Street
Phone: 647-342-8627 (UNAP)
Contact: [email protected]