Vancouver has Canada's most pampered pets, says

Oct 3 2017, 4:11 am

Vancouver pampers its pets – especially its canine companions – more than any other city in Canada, according to a new sales analysis by

The company ranked cities by looking at how many pet accessories, grooming products, toys and treats residents purchased in the last year.

Only cities with more than 100,000 residents were included, and the number of products bought was then divided by the number of total residents.

Vancouver came out top overall, but also in the dog and small animal categories, which included products for everything from guinea pigs to hamsters.

Other British Columbian cities topping the category list included Burnaby, where residents bought the most products for cats.

Meanwhile, Winnipeggers bought the most products for fish and aquatic animals, and Torontonians purchased the most products for reptiles and birds.

Top 20 cities with the most pampered pets


  1. Vancouver, British Columbia
  2. Edmonton, Alberta
  3. Calgary, Alberta
  4. London, Ontario
  5. Burnaby, British Columbia
  6. Winnipeg, Manitoba
  7. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  8. Mississauga, Ontario
  9. Kitchener, Ontario
  10. Ottawa, Ontario
  11. Regina, Saskatchewan
  12. Windsor, Ontario
  13. Richmond, British Columbia
  14. Gatineau, Quebec
  15. Toronto, Ontario
  16. Markham, Ontario
  17. Surrey, British Columbia
  18. Brampton, Ontario
  19. Hamilton, Ontario
  20. Halifax, Nova Scotia
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