This Hour Has 22 Minutes pokes fun of Canada's Emergencies Act (SKIT)

Feb 23 2022, 9:25 pm

When Canada enters uncharted territory, how about a little laugh?

This Hour Has 22 Minutes, the long-standing satirical sketch show, has taken a stab at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Canadian government’s first-ever use of the Emergencies Act.

The “If you failed to act, Emergency Act!” skit aired on CBC Gem during Tuesday’s episode of the series, which is now in its 28th season.

The skit features actor Mark Critch playing a character named Mr. Jones who chooses to invoke the Emergencies Act multiple times to deal with not paying taxes, his job, and his relationship.

“Overwhelmed? Stressed? Incapable of handling a situation? Invoke the Emergencies Act,” jabs the skit, showing a montage of Trudeau teary-eyed and angry.

“These special temporary measures help you cope with any urgent and critical situation long after you should have,” jabs the skit’s narrator.

“The Emergencies Act: it’s for emergencies. If you fail to act, Emergencies Act.”


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