A surprising Canadian province consumes the most bagels in the country

Jan 17 2023, 7:38 pm

Canadians love their bagels, and it’s no mystery why.

The filling, chewy, endlessly riffable but humble bagel is a quick breakfast (or lunch, or dinner if you’re in a pinch) and can be enjoyed in so many different ways.

In order to find out which Canadian province enjoys the most bagels, time2play – a media company that compiles data on the best gambling websites – collected data on the bagel-eating habits of folks across the country.

The data collection was quite small, with only 1,000 Canadian households surveyed, so take the results with a grain of salt (or rocksalt), but according to the study, the most bagel-hungry province is not the one you might expect.

Households were asked, “How many bagels does your household consume per month?”

While folks in Quebec came in fifth with approximately 10.5 bagels consumed per month, Saskatchewan pulled ahead with the most amount of bagels eaten at an average of 14.2 per month.

New Brunswick came in second with 12 per month, Ontario in third with 11.4, and Nova Scotia in fourth with 10.6 bagels per month.

Alberta consumes around 9.6 per month, while British Columbians chow down on 9.7 per month.

The survey also asked Canadians what their favourite type of bagel is, and while we love the question, the resulting data is a bit too flawed to be taken at face value.

While the Everything bagel was deemed the country’s favourite (duh), the Montreal-style bagel came in second.

This is where we find contention with this study, as a bagel can be both Montreal-style and Everything flavoured at the same time – Montreal-style is a distinctive variety of bagel, made in a wood-fired oven, and is differentiated from the more fluffy New York style, while Everything is just the flavour treatment of the bagel.

So while we agree that the Montreal-style reigns supreme, we also think an Everything bagel, Montreal-style, is as about as perfect as you can get.

Other bits of data in the study include how Canadians enjoy their bagels (53% with cream cheese), whether they enjoy them toasted (94.6% do), and if they eat them open-faced or sandwich style (more prefer open-faced).

Some provinces and territories were left out of the survey, including the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Prince Edward Island, and Yukon. The average age of the study was 34.8 years old, while the average household income was $101,058.24.

You can check out the entire results of the survey on time2play’s website.

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