Canadian astronauts to answer kids' questions during pandemic

Apr 5 2020, 4:12 pm

Who knows a ton about how to cope with physical distancing and self-isolation measures? Astronauts, of course, according to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

They’re “experts” at staying inside (since going out un-suited space can be deadly) and at staying far, far away from other people weeks at a time during their space station missions, Trudeau said at his press conference Sunday morning.

Two Canadian astronauts, Jeremy Hansen and David Saint-Jacques, will share their knowledge by answering questions submitted by kids across the country at 10:30 am Pacific Time (1:30 pm Eastern Time) on Sunday.

The special question-and-answer session will be broadcast from the Canadian Space Agency’s YouTube channel.

Hansen knows these are challenging times, he said on Twitter, adding that people have a “history of overcoming great challenges by working together.”

Megan DevlinMegan Devlin

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