People rejoice after Canadian TV show Caillou gets cancelled

Jan 7 2021, 8:02 am

Caillou is no more.

After more than two decades on air, PBS Kids has cancelled the Canadian TV show Caillou, and people have flocked to Twitter to rejoice in the news.

The series, which got its start in Canada in 1997, premiered in the United States in 2000. Parents have been petitioning against the show for years, lobbying that the main character is not an ideal role model for kids, saying Caillou is whiny and mean.

PBS Kids announced Caillou was cancelled and even offered tips on how to break it to the little ones.

The Twitterverse erupted on Wednesday night as #CaillouIsOverParty was trending across the social media platform. “That bald headed little terror can no longer brainwash kids into being worse,” is just the tip of the Caillou-hating iceberg.

Here’s how some people on Twitter reacted to the news.