BC's rising gas prices could mean higher cab fares for passengers

May 24 2018, 7:36 am

Catching a cab in BC could cost a little more in the near future if gas prices continue to climb.

“It is a fact that the rising gas prices has impacted every person who drives a vehicle, and more so for taxis who are on the road serving the general public on 24/7 basis,” said Mohan Kang, President of the BC Taxi Association (BCTA).

Kang told Daily Hive the BCTA has brought their concerns about the rising price of gas to the Passenger Transportation Board (PTB).

“The PTB in a normal process reviews the taxi meter raise in a yearly fashion and every review does not result in the meter raise,” he said.

Noting that the PTB is in place for the protection of consumers, Kang said there “are a number of facts considered by the PT Board for Taxi Limousine Cost Index price ( TLCI ) and gas price is only one component.”

He stressed that higher cab fares due to gas prices aren’t necessarily a foregone conclusion.

The PT Board “shall never give a penny more as a meter raise, unless the facts and figures before them justify any raise,” he added.

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