2017 Holiday Gift Guide: 6 buzz-worthy gifts for coffee lovers

Nov 17 2017, 10:29 am

We all have that one person in our life who lives and breathes coffee, you know, the ones that refuse to drink ‘mainstream’ varieties because there’s “so many better beans out there.”

If you aren’t completely sick of listening to them go on to you about tasting notes, varietal coffee beans, or the cool new coffee crazes, we can bet you still like them and are looking for a gift that will have them buzzing this holiday season.

Not to worry, I, a self-proclaimed coffee aficionado and lover of all things coffee, have got you covered.

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I’ve created this list of gifts that would be loved by any coffee connoisseur who knows what’s good. I recommend you take my advice and purchase one or all of my suggestions. Especially if you were thinking of picking up some generic store brand ground coffee or even coffee pods for under the tree.

That would be disappointing.

Bodum French Press

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Every coffee lover knows that one of the best ways to get the most flavour out of your beans is to brew them in a French Press. Unlike coffee makers that use paper filters (don’t get me started on coffee makers) the Bodum French Press uses a metal filter which doesn’t soak up the oils from freshly ground beans, enhancing the flavour of the coffee you’re drinking.

Price: $40 CAD

Chemex Pour Over

This beauty allows for the coffee connoisseur in your life to take their time brewing the perfect cup of coffee. Do your giftee a favour and get them a metal filter in addition to the Chemex to avoid the whole oil situation.

Price: $43.50 USD

Coffee Subscription

At the end of the day, you can have all these amazing ways to make coffee but if you don’t have good coffee beans then what’s the point? Giving the gift of a coffee subscription from a local coffee roaster might just be the best gift imaginable. Here are some options for local coffee roasters that offer subscriptions:

Vancouver: 49th Parallel; from $18/bag

Calgary: Phil & Sebastian; from $26.50/month

Toronto: Pilot Coffee Roasters; from $17.50/month (designed to ship as you need it)

Montreal: Detour Coffee Roasters; from $28.50/month

Bialetti Italian Coffee Maker

Before there were fancy espresso makers in coffee shops, there was Bialetti. This allows you to make a solid espresso with minimal effort at home. A must have for any coffee lover’s collection.

Price: $24.99 CAD

Custom coffee mug

A true coffee connoisseur knows that drinking coffee on the go is never the way to enjoy a truly delicious cup of coffee. It’s the best to sit at home with your favourite mug and just enjoy the quality, freshly-brewed java you’ve whipped up, a specialty-designed, cheeky, or personalized mug will make this even better.

Subscription to Drift Magazine: Café Culture Magazine

If you’ve ever heard about Drift Magazine, you’d know that it is the be all end all when it comes to modern reading in international coffee culture. Each volume of this New York-based publication gives readers a look at the coffee culture in a specific city and allows you to delve into the scene there.

Price: $24 USD per Issue

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