Bye charcuterie, hello butter boards: What's this new food trend spreading on TikTok? (VIDEOS)

Sep 22 2022, 7:16 pm

Move over charcuterie — there’s a new board in town and it’s extra buttery.

While many TikTok food trends can be… questionable, there is plenty actually worth trying.

The latest blowing up on the social media platform is one that’s thankfully more edible than cooking chicken in NyQuil.

Butter boards are currently having their moment in the culinary zeitgeist and for delicious reasons.

Here’s everything you need to know about the creamy new trend that has the internet salivating.

What is a butter board and who spread the trend?

Trade in charcuterie’s rows of cured meats and cheese for velvety butter slathered onto a wooden platter, topped with herbs, jams, and seasonings. Spoon it all up with a slice of warm, crispy bread, and you’ve got yourself a butter board.

Recipe developer Justine Doiron was the first to introduce this delectable treat to the TikTok masses.

“Have you heard of a butter board?” she asks in a TikTok that has over eight million views posted on September 16. “I want to make them the next charcuterie board.”

@justine_snacksI like this one idk I’m in a silly goofy butter mood♬ original sound – speed songs

While she may have popularized it on social media, Doiron credits the butter board concept to Joshua McFadden, author of the 2017 cookbook Six Seasons: A New Way with Vegetables.

In fact, that cookbook is where the butter board originated, albeit, its branding was not as catchy.

The OG recipe is called “‘Herbed’ butter with warm bread.”

“I’ve never put this on a table without it prompting a lot of conversation and happy faces,” reads an excerpt from McFadden’s book.

How do you make one?

Butter boards might actually be easier (and cheaper) to assemble than a charcuterie board.

Butter and bread are already kitchen staples for most people and the toppings are really up to you.

Once you have the base of softened butter spread onto a wooden board or plate, McFadden’s original recipe advises you to season generously with flaky salt, black pepper, and a dash of chili flakes.

He also suggests adding veggies and herbs like pickles or capers, and the zest of your choice of citrus.

In Doiron’s recipe, a liberal sprinkle of flaky salt and citrus zest is a must.

“Both will add so much brightness and depth to the butter,” she says.

She also recommends adding vegetables, freshly ground spices, toasted nuts — anything that you might be craving.

And you can top it off with something sweet like a drizzle of honey.

If you’re looking for butter board inspo, there’s plenty on TikTok ranging from savoury to sweet. One person even made a Middle Eastern version, using labneh (strained yogurt) instead of butter.

Here are some beautiful butter board creations for your next brunch party.

@michaelfinch My take on the viral #butterboard what would you put on yours?! IB: @Justine Doiron ♬ original sound – Michael Finch

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@themodernnonna A Butter Board IS THE MOST BRILLIANT IDEA I Have Ever Come Across 🤯 IB: @justine_snacks #butter #butterboard #fyp ♬ original sound – THEMODERNNONNA

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