Landmark pedestrian bridge design over Highway 1 next to Burnaby Lake

Feb 15 2021, 9:31 pm

The City of Burnaby has identified a preferred location and potential design concept for a pedestrian and cyclist overpass across Highway 1 that links the trails of Burnaby Lake Regional Nature Park to the north and Deer Lake to the south.

Of the three location options considered within the Rayside Community Plan Area, city staff and a contracted consultant have identified the preferred option of building the bridge near Claude Avenue and McCarthy Court.

This location is closer in proximity to Burnaby’s civic precinct on the south side of Highway 1 and the Glencarin Trailhead to the north, and it also carries a lower construction cost due to the raised height of the existing ground at each proposed embankment footprint.

As well, this “Option 1” location has reduced impacts to the environment, private property, and BC Hydro and provincial government infrastructure.

highway 1 pedestrian overpass bridge burnaby lake

Pedestrian and cyclist bridge overpass location options along Highway 1, linking the Burnaby Lake and Deer Lake areas. Option 1 has been selected as the preferred location. (City of Burnaby)

The municipal government has budgeted up to $20.5 million for the overpass on this eight-lane stretch of the Trans-Canada Highway.

As for the design, it is intended to have “memorable architecture” to create a “strong gateway to the highway and a community portal to surrounding nature.”

A pair of symmetrical and intersecting arches will be attached to the bridge deck by intersecting cables. Within the areas where the arches interlock, mass timber will be used for bracing as well as to create a “warm gateway experience.”

Both sides of the bridge deck will be enclosed by a tall glazed barrier, in addition to the cable netting at the approach paths.

Special nighttime lighting will highlight the superstructure and create a safe functional path for pedestrians and cyclists. Lights mounted on the deck will illuminate the striking arch.

highway 1 pedestrian overpass bridge burnaby lake

Artistic rendering of the proposed pedestrian and cyclist overpass bridge across Highway 1, linking the Burnaby Lake and Deer Lake areas. (City of Burnaby)

In addition to this bridge, city staff are also recommending a future secondary pedestrian and cyclist overpass crossing over Highway 1 further to the east, somewhere between Lakefield Drive and Cariboo Road. This would connect Burnaby Lake to the Robert Burnaby Park area. If approved by city council, a secondary crossing to the east will be added to the 2021-2025 financial plan.

Pedestrian overpasses across major road crossings are not an uncommon feature for Burnaby, which has funded and spearheaded a number of projects over the years, such as the Kingsway Pedestrian Bridge north of Metropolis at Metrotown, Griffith Drive Overpass in South Burnaby, and the Central Valley Greenway Overpass across Winston Street north of Burnaby Lake.

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