Bumble’s dream job duo are travelling to Canada looking for matches

Feb 28 2020, 11:38 pm

Have you been looking to connect with a woman who’s worldly, adventurous, and free in March? Well, this week, we’re doubling your odds.

In 2019, Bumble set out to find a Global Connector Bee for a one-year, all-expenses-paid gig that would take them to Indonesia, Germany, Mexico, the UK, Australia, Japan, Singapore, the US, and Canada while documenting their experiences along the way.

After rounds of interviews, Bumble, the women-first dating and social media app, hired two women for the job. The intrepid duo just kicked off their year of making connections around the globe — and Vancouver is their next stop!

Juliana Broste is an award-winning travel video journalist (how à propos) from Denver, Colorado, while Brigette Muller is a content creator from Brooklyn, New York whose past gigs include Etsy and Free People.

They’ve already been to Singapore and Bali, posting about yoga, karaoke, and beachside coconut drinking with their Bumble matches. Now, they’re set to hit Vancouver’s Bumble scene from March 1 to 11. To give you better odds of them sliding into your DMs, here are a few insights into what each woman is all about.

How to jive with Juliana


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Broste, AKA Traveling Jules, is a producer, videographer, writer, editor, and host who’s won 10 Heartland Emmy awards for travel journalism (#accomplished). She loves her signature pink lipstick and will likely be packing a lot of camera gear, which is going to make her a very easy first date to spot, even at the Diamond.

As with any tourist visiting Vancouver, she wants your local travel tips! So make sure you come prepared with a list of your favourite brunch spots (Jam Cafe, Cafe Medina, Red Wagon, etc.), directions to the SeaWall, and that old empty Compass Card you found on the Canada Line that she can use to get about town.

What to bond with Brigette over

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Your first getting-to-know-you question should be to ask whether or not Girls is an accurate depiction of millennial New York life, but your second question could be where she stands on ketchup chips (a savvy icebreaker, she reportedly loves eating potato chips).

She also loves nature, so tell her about the twice-daily crow migration and how our Forest Freeway a.k.a. Capilano Suspension Bridge is going to blow her Blundstones Chelsea boots off. Also on her fave things list: thrift stores (Front and Co., check!), decorating, and lounging around with her cat.

Broste and Muller will be looking for Bumble matches in Vancouver and Whistler from March 1 to 11, so mark your calendars!

Even if you don’t meet up, you can follow the duo as they meet us with Bumble Date, BFF, and Bizz matches across the world. Watch their adventures on Bumble’s YouTube channel and follow @BumbleGCB on Instagram — bon chance!

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