Buckets Ice Cream: Main Street's new nitrogen dessert parlour

Jun 29 2017, 8:45 pm

Buckets Ice Cream is Mount Pleasant’s newest dessert spot, and it’s already a hit with the neighbourhood.

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Started by three friends (two of them being sisters) who always loved ice cream – buckets of them, to be exact – this spot was a way to inject some joy into the community while offering a gathering place for ice cream lovers across Vancouver too.

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While a love of Dairy Queen may have been the beginning of Ali, Jaclyn, and Lynn’s love affair with ice cream, Buckets makes a completely different kind of chilly treat – nitrogen ice cream.

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A few years ago when the threesome initially came up with the idea there were no nitrogen ice cream shops to be found in Vancouver. Fast forward two years later, and there are a few, but the concept is still intriguing customers, and we treat lovers certainly aren’t complaining.

Buckets has only been open since the last week in June, and it’s already winning people over with their smooth and creamy artisan ice cream.

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This spot serves its scoops in biodegradable cups or perfectly-formed waffle bowls in a handful of flavours.

As far as flavours go, right now Buckets has five – one of which is a Strawberry Vegan Sorbet. Other varieties up for order at this time are Cookies & Cream, Oolong For Me, Ginger Lime Lemongrass Sorbet, and our personal favourite, Sweet Maple Corn.

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Buckets plans to to switch up these varieties bi-weekly, so that’s one solid reason to keep coming back to this Mount Pleasant gem over and over again.

With a refreshing flavour selection and an ever-growing portfolio of treats on the horizon (think ice cream sandwiches and pints), it’s not hard to see why the light, airy, 16-seat parlour is already making Mount Pleasant residents scream for that oh-so-tasty liquid nitrogen ice cream.

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Buckets Ice Cream is open daily from 2 to 10 pm. 

Buckets Ice Cream

Address: 3330 Main Street, Vancouver

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