Vancouver Bucket List: 8 famous houses to check out in the city (PHOTOS)

Aug 9 2021, 7:18 pm

Vancouver is famous for the plethora of TV and film productions that occur here. The city’s rise in the entertainment world has become so prolific that it has earned the nickname Hollywood North.

But you don’t need to be an extra to be part of movie or TV magic; there are locations across Vancouver that have been used in films and TV shows that you can access. They might even be right next door to you.

Here are eight spots that have been used in movies or TV shows on more than a few occasions. Just keep in mind that some of these locations are private residences, so don’t get all paparazzi on them.

1526 Angus Drive

Vancouver houses

Alice Lo Real Estate

Built in 1912, this extraordinary detached house recently sold for just under $12 million. More akin to Wayne Manor than just an ordinary Vancouver home, this beautiful property contains seven bedrooms and six bathrooms.

Several TV shows and films were filmed here, but the most notable was probably the 1993 film The Crush, starring Alicia Silverstone.

The TV movie Double, Double Toil and Trouble was also filmed here in 1993, along with an episode of The Dead Zone and another TV movie called I’ve Been Waiting For You.

Cecil Green Park House

Vancouver filming

Cecil Green Park House (@cecilgreenparkhouse/Instagram)

Another 1912 creation, this mansion was originally the home of a prominent lawyer named Edward Davis.

Now it’s used for weddings and other events.

Lucifer, The Flash, Arrow, The X-Files, Fifty Shades Freed, and many other less notable shows and movies have been filmed here over the years.

The most interesting piece of history about this house, and possibly the saddest for those without a time machine, is that the Davis family sold this place in 1940 for a whopping $9,000. We didn’t forget any zeroes.

Hycroft Mansion

filming in Vancouver

Hycroft Manor/UWCVancouver

This beautiful Vancouver property, once a haunt for the rich and famous, was finished in 1911, which suggests mansions were all the rage in that time period. Hycroft Manor may ring a bell of familiarity for Vancouverites, and it is often talked about around Halloween for its spooky history.

The house originally belonged to Alexander Duncan McRae, a Canadian politician.

This neighbourhood was party central a century ago, and if you were invited to one of these events, you were definitely somebody worth knowing.

Oh, by the way, McRae donated this house to the federal government for a dollar to be used as a hospital during WWII. One dollar.

Stargate SG-1, Charmed, and Psych were some of the shows filmed here.

Caretaker’s Cottage

Vancouver film

Caretaker’s Cottage (

This one’s a little more obscure and hard to get to. Located in North Vancouver at 2720 Pemberton Avenue, Caretaker’s Cottage is a quaint little spot surrounded by trees, next to a lake.

It’s slightly unnerving, like the cabin in Evil Dead, which probably made it the perfect spot for the hit TV show Supernatural.

The Flash and Stargate SG-1 were also filmed here.

118 Stevens Drive, West Vancouver


Video Openhouse

If the interior of this swanky West Van home in the British Properties looks familiar, you might just be a Twilight: New Moon fan.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

The Twilight franchise was heavily publicized for its filming locations all over the city.

This lovely property is an Arthur Erickson classic.

2036 West 13th

films van

Google Maps

This is a very unassuming and quaint home located close to the Granville shopping district.

The Vancouver residence was featured in multiple episodes of the TV show The Flash, which basically made it famous.

15356 Columbia Avenue

Van film

This lovely White Rock home, which has a stunning view of the water, was also featured on the TV show Psych, which makes us wonder if there was anywhere in the city where that show wasn’t filmed.

4053 West 32nd Avenue


Google Maps

Remember the movie Juno? The cult classic featured a young Elliot Page getting knocked up, and the trials and tribulations that followed.

The house in the middle of the picture, blocked by a pesky tree, was used for exterior shots of Juno’s house in the movie, honest to blog.

A different residence was used for interior scenes.

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