BTS McDonald's packaging is currently on sale for nearly $1,000

Jun 7 2021, 1:04 pm

BTS fans can now order the official band meal at McDonald’s, and there’s a pricey online market developing for its paper packaging.

The group, also known as the Bangtan Boys, is a wildly popular seven-member South Korean boy band.

The musicians teamed up with McDonald’s for an official band meal, which was advertised to arrive in special purple packaging.

Shortly after the meal’s launch, some people got regular McDonald’s cups, bags, and boxes, and they were not happy.

When it comes to Canada, McDonald’s says the purple packaging is rolling out across the country and should be available at most locations.

But, for those who can’t seem to track down the high-profile paper memorabilia, you have another, albeit more expensive, way to lock some down.

We shared some finds that were being sold on eBay, which actually seem quite reasonable compared to what we’re seeing now.

Currently, there are listings on Craigslist offering the cardboard collectables to Canadians for nearly $1,000.

Check out this $888.88 offer for a Chicken McNuggets box, cups, and two unopened sauces. All of these products are being advertised as “sanitized, lightly used but in good condition.” The seller is even offering delivery to those living in the Greater Vancouver Area.

If you have an extra hundy to burn, this listing for $999 will get one lucky customer an “eco-friendly compostable paper bag,” a McNugget box “sans nuggets,” and the Cajun and Sweet Chili sauce packet lids.

Yes, just the lids.

This particular seller has requested “no low ballers” make any offers, as they “know how much these are going for.”

If you can’t afford those high-balling prices, you can always opt for this $50 grease-stained bag. The seller assures that it’s in “ok condition.”

Guess that person didn’t scrub quite hard enough.

Orders for the BTS meal can be placed online, in-restaurant, or through the McDonald’s app for delivery until June 20.

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