A Vancouver radio station has switched to all-Christmas tunes

Nov 12 2019, 12:47 pm

All-Christmas radio has made its yearly return to Vancouver’s airwaves.

104.3 The Breeze has announced that as of Tuesday morning, they’ve made the switch to start playing Vancouver’s Christmas favourites.

The new station, which launched last December, will include classics from artists like Michael Bublé, Mariah Carey, WHAM, Elton John, and Bing Crosby, among others.

The Breeze will be keeping part of its daily programming, however, which means that the station will rotate to non-Christmas music for several hours in the evening.

“We are going to be playing songs that are a great fit for the relaxing vibe of our station,” says Simone Grewal, Assistant Program Director for 104.3. “We will not be changing our evening programming, so you can still enjoy the Evening Breeze from 9 pm to midnight.”

Christmas music will run from Tuesday, November 12 until midnight on Wednesday, December 25.