Education hub announces $70,000 in scholarships for Indigenous peoples

Dec 20 2019, 11:17 pm

Vancouver’s go-to digital skills training hub, BrainStation, has announced that it’s giving up to 34 scholarships to Indigenous peoples for certificates and diplomas in data science, development, design, marketing, and product management.

BrainStation, which has established itself as a global leader in digital skills training, empowering businesses and professionals for the digital age, announced the opportunity in partnership with the First Nations Technology Council, an Indigenous-led not-for-profit in BC. The First Nations Technology Council’s goal is to ensure Indigenous people have the right tools, education, and support to thrive in the digital economy.

BrainStation Vancouver/BrainStation

Working with over 350 industry leaders, BrainStation offers training for a full range of skills for the digital age. Established in 2012, BrainStation has already trained over 75,000 professionals around the world, from some of the most cutting-edge digital companies around, including Hootsuite, Amazon, Tesla, Microsoft, and Google. This isn’t too surprising when you consider that their diploma programs have a whopping 97% employment rate for grads within 180 days of graduating.

Kyle Treleaven, the Vice-President and General Manager of BrainStation, says, “Our mission has always been to make digital skills training accessible to as many people as possible, and this partnership is a first step.”

BrainStation offers not only diploma programs and certificate courses, but also corporate training and industry events, including panel discussions, workshops, and fireside chats. And all of this is offered from super-sleek campuses with cutting-edge technology at cities such as New York, Toronto, Vancouver, and even Chicago and Boston.

Inside BrainStation Vancouver/BrainStation

Up to $70,000 worth of scholarships are being offered to Indigenous peoples referred by the First Nations Technology Council. Those who are interested in this incredible opportunity can choose from certificate courses in data, design, marketing, development, and product, or full-time diploma programs in data science, UX design, and web development.

Denise Williams, CEO of the First Nations Technology Council, says, “As the future of work becomes increasingly reliant on workers with digital skills, we know how critical it is to empower the next generation of Indigenous technologists to pursue rewarding careers in the technology and innovation sector, and most importantly, in growing local digital economies.”

“We at the Technology Council view Indigenous participation in the digital economy as a key driver in closing the socioeconomic gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people and encouraging Indigenous innovation for the benefit of all in society.”

Interior of BrainStation/BrainStation

This isn’t the first time BrainStation has given back to the community. Once a quarter, the company donates proceeds from its panel events across all campuses to local charities, including Pencils of Promise — an organization that helps fund education around the planet by helping build schools and create educational programs.

For more information about BrainStation’s diploma programs and certificate courses, check out BrainStation’s website.

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