"Brad Pitt is an abuser": Internet sides with Angelina Jolie and kids after assault allegations

Oct 5 2022, 8:05 pm

Netizens are showing support for Angelina Jolie after she alleged that her ex-husband, actor Brad Pitt, hit one of her kids and choked another while on a plane in 2016.

The couple filed for divorce in 2016 just after the incident. It was finalized in 2019.

The allegations are a response to Pitt suing Jolie over a French winery the couple owned together.

According to court documents obtained by The New York Times, Pitt “grabbed Jolie by the head and shook her,” as well as poured alcohol on her and the children. No criminal charges were filed.

Pop culture followers are noting that Pitt has not been seen publicly with the children since the incident, giving weight to Jolie’s claims. The hashtag #BradPittIsAnAbuser is trending on Twitter.

Jolie has six children — three adopted, and three biological with Pitt.

Many are also bringing up similarities between this and the domestic abuse allegations made by Amber Heard against Johnny Depp.

“The same insidious tactics used against Amber Heard are now being used against Angelina Jolie, and it’s only going to get worse,” tweeted Christopher Bouzy.

Bouzy is the founder of Bot Sentinel, a company that specializes in identifying and understanding disinformation and targeted attacks on social media platforms.

The revelations have also boosted a larger debate about powerful white men in Hollywood getting away with abusing women and children while being praised and awarded in their professional lives.

Pitt is currently working on a movie titled She Said. It’s based on the #MeToo movement and Harvey Weinstein.

Some are calling this an “empty gesture” used to cover his tracks.

He also co-produced Blonde, a fictionalized film about the life of Marilyn Monroe. The movie has come under fire for fetishizing the idea of women in pain.

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