Boba Boy is bringing bottled bubble tea to two new locations in Metro Vancouver

Mar 8 2018, 7:16 pm

Boba Boy will soon be expanding to two new locations in Metro Vancouver.

With one location already having opened in Kerrisdale, they’re quickly looking to expand to both Richmond and Burnaby.

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Not only does that mean that Vancouver is being graced by two more one-stop shops for bubble tea, but an even better way of enjoying your bubbled beverage on the go.

They’ll be offering bubble waffles, ice cream with your choices of toppings, milk teas, slushies and their signature ‘Boba bottles’.

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What’s a Boba bottle you might ask? It’s their fun and creative way of taking bubble tea on the go.

There’s no worry of a potential spill, losing a straw, or ripping too much of the plastic cover on the top of your cup. Admit it, we were all certified bubble tea rookies once.

And to be completely honest, the bottle does make for a pretty cool picture.

Boba Boy’s two newest locations look to open before the end of 2018.

Boba Boy

Address: 2184 W 41st Ave, Vancouver
Phone: (604) 428-8033

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