Over 70 black bears were killed by conservation officers in August

Sep 9 2021, 5:31 pm

While coyotes have been receiving a lot of attention in Vancouver lately, some stats made public by the BC government regarding black bears show that they are also a priority for conservation officers.

In August, conservation officers received over 3,000 calls. Officers responded to 335 of them, and 74 bears were killed by conservation officers as a result.

Fifteen deaths have been attributed to other reasons, leaving a total of 89 deaths in August.

Comparing these numbers to previous months shows a dramatic increase in the number of bears that were killed.

In July, officers only received 1,042 calls, and they responded to 91 of them, which led to the killing of 14 bears. Two orphaned cubs were also sent to a rehabilitation centre.

August saw the most number of calls all year related to black bears.

In 2020, 82 black bears were killed by conservation officers.

WildSafeBC reminds residents to not feed wildlife, including black bears, and this is one of the primary reasons a coyote cull is taking place in Stanley Park.

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