Best TV shows and movies about food you need to watch

Jan 12 2023, 11:23 pm

There is more content than ever right now (some of which are really great), but a fun way to explore the culinary world is to find TV shows and movies about food.

Whether it’s watching it being made, eaten, or even thrown, nothing will give you more of a craving than seeing deliciousĀ food in movies.

Movie sets are able to use experts, art design, cinematography, acting, editing, and more to capture the most mouth-watering food imaginable.

There are SO many movies with great food scenes in them, but what about the stories that revolve around the love, passion, difficulties, livelihoods, and romance that surrounds food?

Here are some of theĀ best TV shows and movies about food you need to watch right now.

The Bear


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If you’ve never worked in the restaurant industry, you’ll love this. If you have experience working in a professional kitchen, then this might give you flashback nightmares because the chaos of service is captured here better than it ever has.

Filmed more like an action movie at times, The Bear is about a chef who made his way to become one of the best youngest chefs in the country who then has to move back to Chicago to run his family’s iconic, but rundown, sandwich shop.


We get it. A movie where Nicholas Cage has his pig stolen and his quest to find it is…good? It’s not good. It’s incredible.

Where cage can often go off the rails berserk, and this plot seems fit for it, it might be the most calming and meditative performance of his career. It’s also an incredibly precise take on the way food can change our lives, our memories, our relationships, and an entire city.


These three movies aren’t really about food, but they are the best looks at the world of wine and we feel we needed to add them.

Making a perfect double feature, Sideways explores the dramatic version of the romantic pursuit of enjoying wine (even if your life is a mess), Bottleshock is a fictionalized and fun version of a true event that we won’t spoil here, and Somm is an amazing documentary about wine knowledge.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

The weather turns into food. THE WEATHER TURNS INTO FOOD.

Big Night

Big Night feels like a film forgotten to time (and streaming rights), but maybe it’ll get a resurgence with Stanley Tucci’s new food fame.

It’s a fun movie with tons of food featured about two brothers who are running a failing Italian restaurant with a rival spot doing much better than them. High stakes and great food.

The Menu


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The newest food movie to hit the theatres, The Menu is fun, unexpected, scary at times, and incredibly funny. Fine dining, in many ways, has gotten out of hand and The Menu uses that to poke fun at the culture of pretentious plates of food to make a satirical thriller about the privileged rich who gather on an island to enjoy…The Menu.

Soul Food

Soul Food is a movie about family and the importance of coming together around the table as one. The movie appreciates soul cooking and all of the classic cooking you might expect to try if you were lucky enough to have someone like the matriarch in this family making it all.

The Lunchbox

This slow-moving character drama is essentially a message-in-a-bottle romance movie but with a misplaced Indian lunchbox. Notes are then passed every day through this container, bringing the two strangers closer and closer with each meal. It’s not just the notes, but also the mouth-watering meals that come with it that make this such a great food movie.

Babbette’s Feast

Possibly the greatest food movie of all time.

Babbette’s Feast is a Danish drama with a strange but simple concept. Rich with socio-political commentary, this film is about a refugee who wins the lottery and ultimately decides to spend the entire thing on one extravagant and lavish French dinner. Even though the ingredients and dishes are as fanciful as any dinner could ever get, the religious attendants are not allowed to derive pleasure from it, so dish after opulent dish we watch them fight the urge to celebrate it all.


With a name like Chef, it’s bound to be a great food movie.

This is a celebration of food truck culture, with tons of sandwiches (Cubanos) and more that you can’t watch if you’re hungry or be prepared to immediately pause the show.

This really is one of the best things to watch if you’re in the mood for checking out some fantastic food in movies.



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Chef Adam Jones is as talented as he is arrogant, which is why we love him. Or maybe we don’t? Either way, this is an interesting and fun movie about the world of Michelin-star restaurants. It’s definitely a Hollywood version but in an enjoyable way.


Of all the food in movies we can think of, this is the only Michelin-calibre restaurant run by rats.

It’s a look at the love for food and the passion it takes to pursue a career in it, but also a very astute look at criticism and the sometimes snobby nature of the business.

Plus it’s an adored Pixar movie so.

Julie & Julia

“You can never have too much butter.”

Any movie about making tons of recipes from the mind of the iconic Julia Child is going to have many iconic dishes featured. Julia Child is the GOAT and Meryl Streep is the GOAT. That’s all you need to know.

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