13 places to get smoothies in Vancouver

Jan 9 2017, 5:27 pm

If you need a quick way to get all your fruit and vegetables in one serving, look no further than a smoothie.

Smoothies are jam-packed with vitamins and nutrients, making them an ideal snack for those who can’t wrap their heads around eating a big salad everyday. In addition to fresh produce, there are seemingly endless add-in options at smoothie bars, so you can fill your blend to the brim with all the wheatgrass, protein, or E3Live blue algae you can handle.

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Whether you’re seeking a pick-me-up after a long holiday, a night of partying, or just a crazy week packed full of lunch dates and lavish dinners – smoothies are a great way to hit reset and give your body a break from digesting heavy whole foods.

Here are 13 places in Vancouver where you can get killer smoothies.

1. Commodity Juicery

Commodity Juicery has a menu of Superfood Smoothies and Signature Smoothies available. Many of their smoothies are made with housemade almond milk, and additional add-ons such as protein, extra veggies, seeds, nuts, flax, spirulina, matcha, raw ginger, and even cold brew coffee. You can also pick up smoothie bowls at this spot.

Address: 3975 Fraser Street, Vancouver
Instagram: @commodityjuicery

2. Indigo Age Cafe

Head to the Indigo Age Cafe for a healthy meal and tack on a fresh smoothie for good measure. Choose from six varieties of smoothies including the Choco-Coco with coconut and dates, the Casanova with maca, hemp, and chia, or the Green Monster packed with seasonal greens.

Address: 436 Richards Street, Vancouver
Instagram: @indigoagecafe

3. Leafy Box

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Leafy Box’s Super Green smoothie is the perfect thing to grab when you’re in need of a serious boost. The juicery also offers other seasonal blends from its location on Pacific Boulevard.

Address: 1155 Pacific Boulevard, Vancouver
Instagram: @leafybox

4. Living Produce Aisle

Made from produce from their Urban Cultivators, Living Produce’s smoothies are labelled dairy-free, low carb, low calorie, and LPA favourites on the menu. This spot has cool concoctions such as their Garden Salsa, Minty Mojito, and Peanut Butter Cup smoothie made with peashoots, broccoli, chocolate protein powder, peanut butter, banana, and almond milk.

Address: 1168 Hamilton Street, Vancouver
Instagram: @livingproduceaisle

5. MELU Juice & Health Bar

Many of MELU’s smoothies include the juicery’s housemade almond and cashew mylk. MELU offers add-ons such as Vega protein, TruMarine Collagen, and activated bamboo charcoal. Whether it’s glowing skin, a mood boost, or a detox, MELU’s broken down how each smoothie can tackle your specific needs. Try the Carrot Cake or Peanut Butter Cup smoothie to satisfy your sweet tooth with natural sugars.

Address: 1110 West Pender Street, Vancouver
Instagram: @melujuice

6. Radicle Juice

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Radicle Juice has an awesome selection of smoothies and add-ons. Try their Pool Boy with coconut H2O, the Havana with avocado and coconut nectar, or the Engineer with cacao nibs and vanilla protein. Add-ons like pumpkin sees, soaked chia, turmeric almond butter, and maca powder are available as well.

Address: 3088 Main Street, Vancouver
Instagram: @radiclejuice

7. Sina Pharmacy & Organic Juice Bar

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Sina has freshly blended smoothies ready for you daily. Check out their selection of colourful beverages at their location on Smithe Street.

Address: 505 Smithe Street, Vancouver
Instagram: @sinapharmacy

8. The Green Moustache

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The Green Moustache has a great menu of smoothies and additional add-ons including spirulina, hemp seeds, chia, bee pollen, goji berries, and maca. Try one of their creations named after famous characters from history like the Dali, Einstein, or Chaplin smoothie.

Address: 3607 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver
Instagram: @greenmoustachejuice

9. The Juicery Co.

The Juicery Co. has a great variety of smoothies at all four of its Vancouver locations. Whether it’s a full-sized Cosmic Smoothie (two smoothies swirled together and topped with hemp seeds), a mini smoothie made with housemade nut mylk, or a revitalizing Hangover Hug – you’re bound to feel better after taking down a Juicery Co. smoothie.

Address: 4 locations in Vancouver
Instagram: @thejuiceryco

10. Be Fresh

Be Fresh typically offers a great selection of smoothies packed with fresh fruit and veg. Head to one of the Be Fresh Cafe’s or Organic Market to try one of their tasty blended creations.

Address: 4 locations in Vancouver
Instagram: @befreshlocal

11. The Juice Truck

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The Juice Truck offers some killer smoothies alongside their cold-pressed creations. Try the Banana Tumeric or the newest seasonal blend from The Truck and you definitely wont be disappointed.

Address: (Truck) Corner of Water and Abbott Street
Address: (Shop) 28 West 5th Avenue, Vancouver
Instagram: @juicetruck

12. Victoria’s Health & Organic Bar

The smoothie bar at Victoria’s Health is full of the freshest fruit and vegetables. Make your own or order one of their creations like the Ma’Joon with walnut, banana, and dates or the Berry Deadly with all the berries you can dream of. The impressive list of add-ons or “boosters” at this spot include brewers yeast, bee pollen, wheat germ, and a ton of different proteins.

Address: 857 Hornby Street, Vancouver
Instagram: @victoriashealth

13. Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods is a dependable place to grab a smoothie in Vancouver. With a great variety of flavours (the Blue Monkey is top-notch) and a list of superfood add-ons, Whole Foods is at the top of out list when it comes to smoothies.

Address: 4 locations in Vancouver
Instagram: @wholefoods

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