Best piñata smash cakes in and around Vancouver

Mar 9 2021, 8:41 pm

If you’re looking to celebrate a special occasion with a cake that’s a little less traditional, you have to try the trendy treat variety that is called a piñata smash cake.

Smash cakes, or piñata cakes, are made with an outer chocolate shell layer that comes in different shapes, colours, and sizes.


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These “cakes” are also usually filled with a surprise filling that varies from candies, a small present, or even actual cake. They are fun, totally customizable, picture-perfect, and definitely something new to try for your special occasion.

Here are some of the best places to order your piñata smash cakes from in and around Vancouver.

Smash Cakes YVR


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Smash Cake YVR is one of Vancouver’s first bakeshops to offer smashable cakes according to their Instagram account. Their cake orders require a one-week notice. Fillings for their cakes have ranged from gummies, chocolates, jewelry, and even a phone. In addition to the cake, you can also add different sides like cake-cicles, chocolate-covered strawberries, alcohol, and more. You can contact them through their Instagram page to place an order and arrange for pickup or delivery.


Sugar Heaven

Sugar Heaven is another well-established shop to get your smashable cakes from. They have done different smashable cakes from birthdays, anniversaries, bachelorette parties, and even graduations. Their cakes require a one-week notice, and they also offer delivery within Vancouver. You can place an order through their Instagram page and discuss further details like fillings and additional sides.


Sweets and Co.


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Sweets & Co mostly specializes in gift-boxes filled with mini treats, however, they have just released their new three-dimensional “heart-breakers,” which is a smashable cake in the shape of a heart. It’s filled with a variety of treats, but to make it even more special, you can include it as a part of their signature boxes that come with other sweets. To place an order, simply contact them through direct messaging on Instagram.


Sweet Box

Sweet Box is another store that offers smash cakes. Located in Burnaby, this store specializes in chocolate-covered strawberries and other sweet treats. They have heart-shaped smash cakes, which they call gems. Or you can choose to grab their bear-shaped one instead. You can combine this with a number of sides like their chocolate-covered strawberries, cake-cicles, pretzels, and even flowers. Order through their Instagram page three days before your event.



LuxeTreats offers a variety of treats, including smash cakes. Their $60 smash cake comes in the shape of a heart and is filled with four strawberries on the inside and four strawberries for decoration on the outside. You can also customize the colour of the heart and the saying on the outside to make it more personable. To order, simply direct message them through Instagram to place your order and discuss the option for delivery or pickup.

Phone: 778-223-0854


Little Piggy Sweets

Located in Surrey, Little Piggy Sweets is a newer brand in Vancouver offering smash cakes. They offer different sizes from small, medium, and large smash heart boxes. Little Piggy Sweets also has a puppy smash heart available for your little pooch. Orders are to be made through Instagram and will require a 72-hour notice prior to the event. The option for delivery is also available, and prices will range based on your location.


DDC Bakery

DDC Bakery is an online bakery based in Richmond. They have different shapes available for smash cakes, including circle, heart, bear and their new bunny. You are also able to customize the colours and sizes to fit your event perfectly. Prices of their smash cakes are available through their Instagram and their website. Contact them through Instagram or their email to place your order and discuss the options for pickup or delivery.


Dipped and Delicious

Dipped and Delicious is an online bakery based in Surrey specializing in chocolate-covered treats, including smash cakes. They offer heart-shaped smash cakes that you can totally customize from the colour, filling, writing, and sides. You can place an order through their Instagram. It’s also important to note that they only offer the option for pickup.


Vancouver Desserts

Vancouver Desserts is a shop that creates customized desserts, including smash cakes, for any occasion. They offer heart-shaped smash cakes that you can customize from the colour, filling, decorations, and even extra sweet sides. You can place an order through their Facebook, Instagram, website, or their contact number.

Phone: 778-891-3776

Facebook | Instagram

Project Sweet Tooth

Project Sweet Tooth is another online bakery in Vancouver offering customizable treats, including smash cakes. After six years of hiatus, they have recently opened their business again this year and are ready to take on your requests. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, a gender-reveal party, or a wedding, they have got you covered. You can view their creations and place an order prior to your event through their Instagram page.



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