Canada's most popular frozen treats ranked from worst to best

May 11 2021, 4:00 pm

Typically, the frozen treat aisle is an area of restraint at the grocery store.

When the summer arrives, that philosophy flies out the window. Sometimes, there aren’t grocery carts big enough to cater to all the confections in the frozen treat aisle.

There’s never been a better time to “treat-yo-self” with some ice cream bars, Freezies, basically, whatever you can get your hands on. There are only a few months every year when these frozen treats taste their best, and we’re smack-dab in the middle of it.

You should feel absolutely zero guilt when indulging in one (or several) of these treats on the list.

Here’s our definitive list of Canada’s frozen treats ranked from worst to best.

13. Real Fruit Pops

When your mom and dad wouldn’t let you have a Drumstick or Fudgsicle, this was somehow a compromise. The healthiest choice among the bunch, but not much fun about eating fruit puree on a stick.

12. Klondike Bar


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Basically, just a square-shaped Revello minus the stick. Which makes it impossible not to get completely covered in ice cream once this thing starts to melt.

11. Bomb Pop

Dripping with nostalgia, the Bomb Pop isn’t just the regular popsicle. It’s a trifecta of flavours on one stick. And how’s this for mind-blowing? After all those years of wondering, “what flavour is the white part?” – it’s lime. You’ll never look at a Bomb Pop the same ever again.

10. Popsicle


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Let’s pour one out to all the fallen popsicles from your childhood that you tried valiantly to split apart. Aside from physically cutting them with a knife, there’s no surefire way to split these things.

Although, this generation of popsicle fans don’t know the pain that youngsters suffered back in the day as most popsicles are single-stick packaged now.

9. Revello

Did anyone know these things were called Revello’s? It just makes chocolate-covered ice cream bars sound super boujee, but we’re kind of into it.

8. Magnum Bar

A relatively new entry to the grocery store ice cream treat department, but these things are damn good. The chocolate/caramel ones are especially delicious.

7. Cyclone


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Take a Bomb Pop, twist it up, and you’ve got a Cyclone. The Cyclone is a bit of an improvement over the Rocket Pop in that you’re getting all three flavours (cherry, lemon and blue raspberry) in every bite.

6. Haagen Dasz Bar

The price of these things is always ridiculous, but the moment you fork over a fortune for ice cream, it’s instantly worth it. Haagen Dasz does not skimp on the ice cream or the chocolate coating.

5. Creamsicle

The more kid-friendly version of the Fudgsicle with more variants than its chocolate counterpart. Still, the Creamsicle will somehow always play second fiddle to the Fudgsicle.

4. Fudgsicle


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Is there really any trace of fudge in these things? They may very well be chocolate ice cream bars on a stick, but there’s something about the lore of the Fudgsicle that ranks it high among the list— clearly, the superior choice in the ‘sicle trifecta of treats.

3. Ice Cream Sandwich

best frozen treats ranked

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Half of all marriages aren’t meant to last, but this is one union that will never be broken. When the ice cream and chocolate cookie come together, it’s pure bliss. There are many iterations of this summer classic, but nothing beats the original.

2. Freezies


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Ranked this highly, not necessarily because of the overall quality, but the quantity of flavours (and good ones, at that) is what makes Freezies a summertime classic. It’s also such a simple premise; frozen sugar-water with food colouring and flavour in a plastic tube. Genius.

1. Drumstick


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Let’s be honest. The bulb of ice cream at the top and the sugar cone is just the opening act. They are merely the supporting cast of this operation. The real reason why everyone loves the Drumstick is the last little bite at the bottom of the cone that’s pure chocolate.

Decades-long sibling rivalries still exist from fighting over who gets to eat the bottom of a Drumstick. Chocolate, ice cream, filling and chopped nuts on top? Nothing is more perfect in the summer than a Drumstick.

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