7 of the best cities in the world for FREE Wi-Fi

Sep 27 2016, 9:29 pm

Network unavailable.

Pretty much the worst notification you can ever receive, especially if you’re in need of navigation, not to mention, in the middle of sharing your latest #parklife selfie on Instagram.

With the recent announcement of ReBOOT, Toronto’s one-year pilot project to provide free Wi-Fi access in Parkdale, connecting in real-time and preserving data is finally here.

But, what about while travelling?

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When it comes to connectivity, not being able to get online can be a scary thing, especially when exploring a new destination. Whether or not a place has decent (and even free Wi-Fi) has become a deal breaker for some travellers. So to celebrate travelcuts’ upcoming October 6th film fest, the Canadian online travel brand searched the globe to uncover a few of the best connected cities, so you’ll never miss an uploading beat.

Some of these Wi-Fi-friendly cities may surprise you:

Tel Aviv, Israel

Best cities Wi-Fi


Thanks to its network of 80 free hotspots, if you’re planning a trip to Tel Aviv any time soon, browsing the internet and uploading those holiday snaps will not be a problem. Introducing the ‘free_tlv’ Israeli network, no matter where you are in the city – including attractions, beaches and parks – you can now easily be connected to free Wi-Fi.  Don’t believe us, check out this interactive map of free Wi-Fi hotspots.

Florence, Italy

Best cities Wi-Fi


In addition to offering one of the most stunning backdrops in the world, Florence has now made online access extremely easy. The Firenzecard (firenzecard.it) is a multi-museum pass that will give you access to most major museums, local public transport and 72 hours of free Wi-Fi at city-run hotspots.

Taipei, Taiwan

Best cities Wi-Fi

David Hsieh/Flickr

Visiting Taiwan? For visitors heading to the country’s capital staying connected free of charge will be the least of your travel worries. One of the first destinations in the world to allow tourist access, they have taken connectivity one step further by allowing visitors to pre-register for 30 days of free access to a network of over 5,000 iTaiwan hotspots.

Helsinki, Finland

Best cities Wi-Fi

Rob Hurson/Flickr

Offering free WLAN-service for residents and travellers alike, the Finnish capital’s Helsinki City Open network is unparalleled. No passwords or registration required and, you can literally start to connect upon touchdown at Helsinki Airport.

Barcelona, Spain

Best cities Wi-Fi

Moyan Brenn/Flickr

With more than 700 hotspots, Barcelona’s expansive free Wi-Fi network blankets the entire city. No matter where you find yourself, getting on the web will not be a problem. In 2015, they even went as far as installing free Wi-Fi on city buses, metro stations and within most of their public parks.

Perth, Australia



Just because you’re heading Down Under doesn’t mean your Wi-Fi signal should fade. Australia’s capital is opening up its Wi-Fi doors by giving people free blanket service across Perth. So feel free to roam the streets knowing you are connected. The only limitation, Perth Wi-Fi works best for basic internet browsing needs. Users have a download limit of 400MB in a day (24 hours from midnight). Once this limit is reached users will need to wait until after midnight to reset before reconnecting.

Osaka, Japan

Best cities Wi-Fi

m-louis .®/Flickr

Complete with an adorable mascot named Bob, Osaka’s free Wi-Fi network provides internet access at approximately 2,000 locations across the city. The mascot, not just for show, helps people figure out how to use the system and understand the destination’s two main connection choices: Osaka Free Wi-Fi, which allows unlimited use for up to an hour before you’re required to login again, and a “Lite” version that allows you to get Wi-Fi access every 30 minutes, up to eight times per day for a total usage time of four hours.

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