Beautiful BC: Texada Island is worth the ferry trip

Jul 11 2017, 5:24 am

Sitting in between the mainland and Vancouver Island is a piece of British Columbia that goes largely unnoticed.

Texada Island is home to only 1000 or so residents, though it holds many beautiful sights for anyone willing to take the trip to its shores. Visitors will find a handful of small communities, camping grounds, and gorgeously clear waters.

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Do yourself a favour and write “Visit Texada Island” on that bucket list… you won’t soon regret it.

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Where is it?

North of Nanaimo and just south of Powell River, the island sits in the northern section of the Straight of Georgia, and can only be accessed by air or by water.

Texada Island location (Screenshot/Google Maps)

Texada Island location (Screenshot/Google Maps)

How do you get there?

To get there from Vancouver, you need to drive to Horseshoe bay and take the ferry to Langdale. Drive from there to Earl’s Cove, and take the ferry to Saltery Bay. Once there, drive to Powell River, and take a ferry to Blubber Bay, the ferry terminal of Texada Island. This entire trip will take roughly five and a half hours. Be sure to bring a deck of cards for the ferries!

To get there from Vancouver Island, you only need to drive to Comox, take the ferry from there to Powell River, and then take the ferry from there to Blubber Bay. The trip is an estimated five hours and 15 minutes.

What’s there?

Visitors of Texada Island have a wide variety of places to visit, camp, or explore. The Island’s main communities are Gillies Bay, Vananda, and Blubber Bay. There is a nine-hole golf course, a library, a hotel, a gas station, bed and breakfasts, a restaurant, and two museums to check out. But further into the island is where things get fun. Texada Island offers many hikes to conquer, caves to explore, campsites to set up at, and beautiful areas to swim at.

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